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Connections allow you to automatically access information from cards in other pipes or records in a database while working in a process.

They also allow you to create a new card from a previous one, which we call child card and parent card.

This is a great tool when you have interconnected processes, where they share the same data but use them for different purposes, like a sales CRM and a client onboarding process, for example.

To add a new connection, go to tools and select connections.

Connections allow you to search and/or create cards or records. You can also select the number of entries, that is how many cards or records can be created through the connection.

  • Single entry: 1:1, you can create only one card or record through the connection

  • Multiple entries: 1:many, you can create more than one card/record through the connection

đź“Ś In this article, we explain how to create connections.

Once the connection is made, you can find it in the header of any open card in your pipe.

If you need to create or search for a connected card or database record at a specific phase of your process, use a Connection field instead. This field type is also recommended when adding a connection is a mandatory action in your pipe.

Use cases

Here are some examples of how to use connections:

Human Resources

It’s possible to connect different processes in Pipefy to establish a streamlined workflow and provide the best experience for new employees.

For example, connect your Recruiting and Employee Onboarding processes, so when an employee is recruited to your company, all the candidate’s information will go on to the next pipe automatically and no data is lost on the way.

Avoid double work and maintain consistent and standardized communication in all steps of your process with updated tasks, data, and statuses. This way, you’ll keep both candidates and employees aware of what’s going on in the pipe — no matter the stage.

Customer Service

Automatically upgrade your customer’s progress across different processes without the need to manually make the handoff between Sales and Customer Success teams.

Build an integrated and strong Customer Onboarding workflow with connections (when a process ends, another begins) so your customers can have a smooth experience.

Connected processes avoid double-work and ensure that all information is kept safe even when different teams handle it. With no information lost in the way, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters and build a better experience for your customers.


Connect all of your finance processes, such as Purchasing, Accounts Payable, and Expenses Reimbursements with other processes (inside or outside Pipefy) to establish an integrated workflow that is error-proof.

For example, you can connect your Purchasing Process to a custom database with all of your suppliers in Pipefy.

Improve your Connections through integrations

You can also improve your connected workflows by using customized integrations (for Enterprise plans).

Pipefy allows you to integrate processes with any software — from ERPs, HRIS to accounting tools, and many other possibilities.

This way, you can avoid double-work and transform manual tasks (such as updating job positions on your company's website, customer's directories, or sending payment receipts to suppliers, for instance) into connected and smarter strategies.

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