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How to start a pipe from scratch
How to start a pipe from scratch

Basic instructions to create your process in Pipefy, one step at a time.

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Who can use this feature?

  • By default, company admins. But they can allow company members and company guests to create pipes as well. Change users' permissions through the Admin dashboard.


Once logged in Pipefy, click on New pipe.

In the Template Gallery, select Start from scratch.

Give it a name and click on Create pipe.

Your new process will have 3 phases and no cards in it.

Here is what you're going to do next:

  1. Define your process phases

  2. Build a start form

  3. Change pipe settings

  4. Add members

  5. Create your first cards

1. Define your process phases

In Pipefy, each stage of your process corresponds to a phase. Depending on your process, you should collect extra information during specific stages before moving to the next one. This is why we add fields to it.

To edit a phase, hover the cursor over it and click on the gear icon. Then, add the fields.

You can also add new phases by clicking on New phase.

It's also possible to set advanced options, like assigning someone responsible for all cards in that particular phase and defining an SLA alert.

Find further guidance:

2. Build a start form

Your team will use the start form to create cards and gather the information required to run the process.

The start form is made of fields, which can contain conditionals or not.

To begin, click on Form, then on Add fields.

Drag and drop the field type you want to add to the form. You have to set each field one by one, and when you're done, your start form will be automatically saved.

If you need, explore these additional instructions:

3. Change pipe settings

When the start form and the process phases are ready, it's time to edit pipe settings. To access them, click on the gear icon and select the Pipe settings tab.

On this page, you can:

  • Modify the pipe's name and color

  • Define how you want to call the pipe objects (cards)

  • Choose the cards' title and subtitle

  • Change the text of the button used to create cards in your pipe

  • Make the pipe public (available to all company members) or private (available only to invited members).

  • Manage authorizations: select who can create, edit or delete cards in the pipe

  • Select pipe default's view: what's the first thing people will find when accessing the pipe

  • Delete pipe

  • Clone pipe: make a copy of the process in the same company or another one you've access to.

Your changes are automatically saved.

📌 This feature is available only to pipe admins. Members and guests can't manage pipe settings.

Deep dive:

4. Add members

Invite your team to join your process and start working on demands.

You can add them as pipe admins, members, read-only or restricted view.

Click on Members at the pipe's header, then select Invite members. Type their email and choose the role. Click on Invite.

They will receive an email with a link asking them to join your process.

Further instructions about pipe members:

5. Create your first cards

To start working in your process, let's add some cards to it.

Click on the Create new card, fill out the form and send the information asked. It will all be grouped in a card, which you can move forwards or backwards in your pipe.

If you want to allow people outside your pipe to create cards, make a start form public and share its link.

Find more instructions:

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