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What is the calendar app?

The calendar app generates a new view that enables you to see cards in a calendar according to their due dates. 

The app enables you to select between gives you a monthly, weekly or daily snapshot of all cards due that period, or even an agenda view (all cards are displayed in a list, ordered by due date)

Important! Only the cards from the pipe that have a due date set can be displayed in the calendar app. 

How to enable the calendar app?

Enabling this app is easy. Open the tools menu by clicking on the tools icon on the upper right corner of the screen then on apps.

After you do, click on Calendar. This window will pop-up on your screen:

Click on the green 'Enable' button to activate the app. Once you do, the calendar icon will be displayed in your pipe header:

You can access your pipe's calendar by clicking on the 'calendar' option

When accessing your calendar, you can choose to display all cards due: in the current month, the current week or the current day, depending on your preferences.

If you prefer to see all cards that were due the previous or are due next month, week or day - simply click the arrows on the left or right side of 'Today'. 

If you prefer to view all cards due for the next 30 days in a list format, simply choose the 'Agenda' option:

You can also adjust the date range you wish to see by clicking the little arrows on the left and right side of 'Today'. It'll then show you all cards due X days earlier or later than today until one month from then. 

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