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Almost all companies have to keep track of the tools and equipments they provide their employees with so they can perform their work activities.

What is included among these equipments varies from company to company. 

As an example, let's assume that it includes notebook computers, mouses, monitors, keyboards, headsets, etc.

How to use Pipefy to keep track of your tool and equipment inventory?

The first thing you should do is create two databases:

  • Employee database: Simple database with as many details as you wish (name, email, phone, etc.). If you already have an employee database you use for other HR processes you can use it for inventory as well;

  • Tool and equipment database: List all the equipment you have. Add relevant information such as type (computer, cable, mouse), brand, model, description, etc.

After we did that we’ve created an ‘inventory’ pipe with the following phases:

  • Requests: equipment requests waiting to be fulfilled;

  • In use: equipment currently assigned to an employee;

  • Devolutions: equipment that was put back in stock for any reason;

  • Under repair: damaged equipment, undergoing repairs;

  • Obsolete: old, broken or lost equipment, no longer functional.

The pipe’s form must have the following fields:

  • Employee: Connection field connected to the employee database (choose “search database records” and “single entry when creating the field);

  • Item/equipment: Connection field connected to the tool and equipment database (choose “search database records” and “single entry when creating the field);

  • Date the equipment was taken from inventory. Date field.

How does it work?

1. Whenever a new equipment is delivered you should tag it and add a new record on your tool and equipment database.

2. Create a card on your inventory pipe to formally assign the equipment to the employee.

3. Move the card to ‘in use’ and the equipment is officially assigned.

Keep track of what’s assigned to each employee by opening their record on the employee database. Each related card will be an equipment currently in use.

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