Getting started

Meet key concepts about process management

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Product concepts

Meet Pipefy features and what they are for.

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General settings

Set different elements of Pipefy, such as your company, users, pipes, and databases.

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Roles and Permissions

Meet the different types of users in Pipefy and manage permission levels.

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Essential features

Master the essential about Pipefy to build a process according to your needs. Set up pipes, phases, forms, cards, fields and labels.

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Everyday features

How to use Pipefy's everyday features: alerts, databases, portals, email tools, portals, importer app and PDF generator.

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Advanced features

Boost your processes with connections, field conditionals, automations, apps and integrations. Keep track of metrics with dashboards and reports.

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APIs, Security and IT Management

Instructions about Pipefy's API, security, user management and authentication.

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Plans, Billing & Payment

Information about Pipefy's plans, add-ons, pricing policies, and invoice process.

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Android and iOS App

How to use Pipefy's app on smartphones and tablets. 📲

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Pipefy for your business

Dedicated tutorials for HR, CRM, Purchase and IT. Explore Pipefy's tools on a daily basis.

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