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How to create company reports?

Company reports are a very useful resource that enable users to view and filter the information of the cards in two or more pipes in a single place.

The first step for creating a new company report is accessing the company reports area by clicking on the reports icon in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

If you already have reports saved, you'll be redirected to a screen where you can either access your saved reports or create a new report.

Click on "create new report" to start creating your report:

1. The first step for creating a new company report is selecting which of the pipes you're member of you want to see in this report. The default selection comes with all pipes selected so you can click on "Deselect all" and select just the pipes you want to see.

Let's assume we only want to see the data from the pipes "Lead Qualification" and "Sales Pipeline". Here's what our selection looks like:

2. After selecting the pipes you can click on "Add filter" to filter your pipes' cards data by ID, title, current phase, labels, due date, creator, assignee, finished at, created at, updated at, last comment and last comment at.

Let's suppose we only want to see cards that were created over the last month. To do so, we'll click on "add filter" and select the "created at option".

When filtering cards using the date they were created, we can filter by period (today, yesterday, current week, last week, current month, last month, current year or last year) or by relative/absolute values (more than, exactly, less than, after, on, before).

After selecting the "current month" option you should click on save to add your filter:

We can add more filters choosing and (to combine filters) or or to filter cards to correspond to any of the criteria. If we added an assignee filter to only see Chewie's cards, this is what our filters would look like: 

 3. After we finish adding the filters you can select which of the general card's data you want to display in your reports.

Each information you select will add a new column to your report, which you can reorder by dragging and dropping:

4. Once we're done selecting the information we want to see in our reports, simply click on "save report" to name your report and save it:

5. You also have the option of exporting your report's data in a .xls format. You can choose to either download the data or receive a download URL in your email.

Important: Pipefy only exports reports with 30k lines or less. If your report (either company or pipe) encompasses more than 30 thousand cards, only the first 30k lines will be exported.

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