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People with Admin permission can create reports with data from one or more processes.

While Pipe Reports give you insights on a single pipe, Company Reports enables you to filter, visualize, and export data from multiple processes.

Accessing company reports

  1. Access the Homepage.

  2. Then, click on your profile picture next to your company's name.

  3. A list will open with more options. There, you can select Company reports.

Creating a report

1. As you access it, you can view a list of existing reports in your company. To add more, click on Create new report.

2. Data you want to extract from processes are on the left, while results are shown on the right, as a table.

3. Add a filter to pull out data from your processes. Those data are the information you've filled out in fields in your pipes.

4. As you add filters to the table, you can click on the columns icon and check only the fields you want to view.

5. Once you're ready to go, click on Save report.

Exporting a report

1. To export your report, click on the arrow icon, next to the columns icon.

You have the option to download the report in Excel (.xlsx) format.

Or, you can send it to your email address.

To access or edit this report, you can click on your profile picture and click on Company reports.

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