When setting up a date/date time/due date fields in an automation rule to create a card/connected card or the advanced autofill option in a connection/connection field, you have the option of adding static dates, matching fields or using relative dates.

Relative dates enable you to add calculations on date and date time attributes, allowing you to set dynamic field values and due dates.

Besides the information from the card (creation date, due date, finished date), you can also select the "event attributes" to get information from the automation event or connection autofill creation. 

Ex.: Setting up the due date for creating date + 7 days or for the date the automation run + 5 days; etc.

When can you use relative dates:

  • When using automation rules to automatically create cards with relative date/date time/ due date field, based on the time of the event;
  • When setting up a connection autofill to create connected cards with a relative time, based on the moment of creation or based on a field of the parent card. Ex.: Create a child card to another department with the due date set to 12 hours less than the parent card's due date SLA.

When relative dates can't be used:

  • When setting up an automation rule with a 'recurring activity' event;

The relative date values can be selected in minutes, hours and days. The values don't skip holidays or weekends and the feature doesn't support workdays/holidays or out of office options yet.

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