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Have you ever run into a situation where there are too many cards in a pipe and you can’t find that ONE card you’re looking for? Or perhaps you want to get to your cards in the most efficient way possible. With card filter/search, you can save time and find your cards quickly and easily.

How do I access card filter/search?

To access card filter/search, click on the filter icon located at the top right-hand corner within a pipe. A sidebar will slide in from the right-hand side that allows you to filter/search your cards.

What can I filter or search by?

The card filter/search sidebar provides you with the following options:

  • Text search for card titles or subtitles: Type in the text you are searching for and the pipe will dynamically update and only display cards whose titles or subtitles contain the search text.

  • Filtering by labels: If you have added labels to your cards, you can select labels in the Card Filter/Search sidebar and the pipe will instantly update and show you all cards with the selected label. Please note, if you select multiple labels, the filter will only show cards that have all the selected labels.

  • Filtering by member (i.e. Assignee): If you have added assignees to your cards, you can select pipe members in the sidebar and the pipe will update and show you all cards assigned to the chosen pipe member. Similar to labels, if you select multiple pipe members, the filter will only show cards that have all selected members as assignees.

How can I get all my cards back?

When you are done filtering or searching, you can clear the filter by clicking the “Clear filter” button at the bottom of the page or by clicking the close button (“x”) that appears next to the filter icon.

It's important to mention that filters are static after they are applied. If you suspect that cards were created after you executed your filter, you should turn OFF the filter, and re-run it to get updated results.

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