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Looking for a specific card in a pipe? Try the pipe's search bar or the filter tool to find cards according to their title, subtitle, email status, label, or assignee.

To use the search bar, click on it and type in a keyword related to the card.

The pipe dynamically updates with cards whose titles or subtitles contain the searched text.

To use the filter, click on the filter icon, and select the desired option: by email status, label, and/or member.

The pipe will instantly update and show all cards with the selected option. If you select multiple labels, the filter will only show cards with the selected labels.

Similar to labels, if you select multiple assignees, the filter will only show cards with all selected people.

📌 Filters are static after being applied. Turn off the filter by selecting the Clear filter option.

If you want to do a more specific search, edit the cards' subtitles on the Pipe Settings page, and add more fields to find more keywords.

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