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With the Pipefy Importer App, you can import information from an Excel file (XLSX) to pipes and databases with greater agility. Therefore, it is necessary to perform some previous configurations to ensure that all records will be imported correctly.

There are specific types of cells in XLSX documents that can be transformed into new cards or database records, as you prefer.

🔔 Attention: Your document must not contain merged cells or columns, nor filters applied in cells or columns to work correctly.

Check which information formats are necessary for each type of field:


Text with the user's username, email (lower case only), or ID.

If you'd like to add multiple values to a field, use a comma to separate them.

For example: John Doe, mary-pipefy, 127765, [email protected].


Not supported.

Vertical/Horizontal Checklist

Text with the option of the field. Each option must be separated by commas.


Eleven numbers following the pattern: 000.000.000-00.


Fourteen numbers following the pattern: 000.000.00/0000-00.


The cell should be formatted as a date (DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY depending on the language in your Pipefy settings)

Date Time and Due Date

The cell should be formatted as a datetime.


The cell should be formatted as currency.


Text with the label's name or ID. If you want to add more than one label, separate them using commas. Ex. "Bug, Story".


Text in a valid email format ([email protected], lower case only).


Numbers with no formatting.

Short/Long Text

Text with no format.

Vertical/Horizontal Radio

Text with the option of the field.

Phone number

When adding phone numbers, insert the country code (you don't need to put "+" in front of the number). For example: 12025550145

Dynamic content

Not supported.

Dropdown Select

Text with the option of the field.


The cell should be formatted as time with the format 00:00:00 PM.


Not supported.

Connection Field

ID of the Card or Table record. The importer app supports one connected card/record per connection field.

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