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Custom browser security settings can prevent log-in to Pipefy?
Custom browser security settings can prevent log-in to Pipefy?

Learn how to disable custom security settings that might prevent logging in to Pipefy

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For very few users accessing Pipefy login system might result at an unexpected error which might be connected to a restrictive setting their web browser configuration.

This article is focused on helping you understand which settings you should verify to assess whether it might be a root cause of such an error.

How Authentication works

Pipefy utilizes an industry-standard cross-origin authentication flow which uses third party cookies from our partner Auth0 that are saved at your browser when you log-in to Pipefy.

Cross-origin authentication is only needed when authenticating using your email and password in Pipefy's login screen. Social log-in via Google or Github and Enterprise use a different mechanism, redirecting via standard protocols like OpenID Connect and SAML.

What you should verify

  1. Check if your browser is updated to its newest version. 

  2. Verify under security settings or similar if your browser allows "Third-Party Cookies". 


  • Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy and security, select Content Settings -> Cookies, make sure Block third-party cookies is disabled.


  • Preferences -> Privacy & Security, please make sure Third-Party Cookies checkbox is unchecked.

More information

If you need more detailed information about this error, our authentication services provider Auth0 has a complete article where you can learn more about it.

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