Some pipes use our Email feature to send and receive emails in individual cards as a way of structuring communication about the status of the item into the format of a card. If your workflow relies on timely review of incoming emails to specific cards, your team may want a quick way of seeing which cards in your pipe view have received new emails. Here's how:

  1. In the pipe you want to surface new email alerts for, create a checklist with a single option that is a short text string or emoji character you want for the email alert -- for instance, copy this one: 📩
  2. Create an automation your organization with the trigger "When an email is received" that will update that checkbox field: 

Note that a separate Automation is needed for every phase in which you want to check for new emails and surface this alert icon. 

3. Go to Pipe Settings and insert the name of the checklist field as a subtitle of the card.

From there, users who review the email(s) received in the card can then uncheckmark the checkbox once they've reviewed all the new email traffic. This will make the icon go away until the next time an email is received in that card. To manage this flow at scale, users can also quickly see the list of cards with new emails by pasting the emoji character into the pipe filter to see only those cards that have received new emails:

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