Automations work this way:

  • Every time something happens in your Pipe

  • The automation will do something else in sequence

For example, every time a Card enters the "Approval" phase (event) → John Doe automatically becomes the assignee of Cards in that phase (action).

How to create this automation?

  1. First, select the option When a card enters a phase

  2. Then, choose the pipe

  3. And, the phase to which you want the cards to enter

Now, choose what the automation must do (action):

1. Create a new card in pipe

Every time a card enters a phase, the automation creates another Card into this or another pipe.

2. Create a new connected card

Every time a Card enters a phase in pipe 1, another card will be generated, with the same information, in Pipe 2. What you fill out in fields automatically updates the data in both cards.

3. Move the parent card

The "parent card" is a card that contains other cards attached to it.

In this automation, every time the attached cards are moved to a phase, the parent card is also moved to a phase.

4. Update a field's value

Every time a Card enters a phase, a field that's in it will be automatically updated with the information you want. For example, an Urgent label or an assignee.

5. Move card

Every time a Card enters a phase, the automation automatically moves it to another phase.

6. Send an email

Every time a Card enters a phase, send an email template to an assignee or to the person that created the card.

For that, you must have created an email template (or, create one from scratch).

Once you choose an Event and an Action, give your automation a title and click on Create automation.

We recommend you test this automation once you save it. As a test, move a Card to the desired phase and see what happens.

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