When it comes to Business Process Management technologies, manual work can be a major slow down to your streamline. 

Not only it can miss out on important information, but it also takes out the team's focus on valuable activities. 

For instance, either if you are within:

  • An Operation team that needs a purchase request approved by a responsible manager, but he/she doesn't receive a notification about the process itself (and the company overspends time and budget due to a lack of communication); 

  • An HR department that wants to move a hired candidate from the phase Hiring to Onboarding, but People team never manages to find the right information about the new employee (or worse: doesn't even know she/he was hired);

  • Or a Design group that needs to obtain Marketing's assets for a specific project, but doesn't know if the team delivered them in due;

Pipefy's Automations allows you to move cards from one step to another automatically. 

When there is more than one user assigned in a Pipe (or when data needs to be transferred from one person to another), it ensures that the right information is handed off to the right people.  

Do you want to put it in practice? Click here and find a quick step-by-step on how you can move cards of your Pipe from one phase to another so other assignees can receive information when the process is naturally flowing. 

Would you like to automate a different scenario? These are just a few of the situations that the Automations can help. There are multiple applications for the feature in your processes! You can review some of them here.

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