What are custom integrations

Learn all about integrations and how to request tailored integrations for your processes.

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Use custom integrations to connect Pipefy with their favorite softwares, apps, or tools, and build even more efficient workflows.

You can also create integrations using APIs, Zapier, Integromat, or natively with a list of apps like Slack, GitHub, BitBucket, and Google Hangouts.

Custom integrations make it easier to connect systems and parts of your operation with a high level of customizability without having to spend internal development resources or hire someone to do it.

By integrating Pipefy with other systems, you will be able to:

  • Get rid of parallel controls in spreadsheets and other tools.

  • Be able to see and control the entire operation in a single place.

  • Ensure the transmission of info between parties is automatic and error-proof.

Integrations tailored to your needs

With the help of our Solutions Design team, prepare to build streamlined workflows where information flows flawlessly and automatically from end to end — plus, where everything is visible and controlled in a single interface. Check some common examples of integrations:

  • Custom integrations for Finance

Connect Pipefy to your accounting systems and supporting tools to build an automatic, centralized, and error-proof operation. For example, when a payment order is issued on Oracle, the respective card will be moved to the Paid phase in Pipefy; when a new sale is recorded in Pipefy, create an invoice on Xero; when a request is approved in Pipefy, send the details to Netsuite and so on.

  • Custom integrations for HR

Leave all the interview scheduling, database updating, and job publishing to us. Integrate tools and make time to build and foster a rockstar team. For example, when an employee card is moved to the Hiring phase, send a signature request via Docusign; when a card is moved to Publish phase, publish the job position in the LinkedIn profile and so on.

  • Customer Service

Integrate Pipefy with apps you already love and step up your onboarding and support game. For example, when a new deal is closed in SalesForce, create a card to start the onboarding process in Pipefy; when a new support ticket is opening in Zendesk, create a card in the Customer Support pipe and so on.

  • Marketing

Achieve a well-oiled, organized, and automatic Marketing operation by connecting Pipefy to the tools you have in place. For example, when an email campaign is sent through Marketo, move a card in the Campaign Management pipe; when positions are lost for a given keyword, create a card requesting the content review and much more.

How can I have custom integrations?

Essentially, by asking us! If you’re interested in integrating Pipefy with your favorite tools, fill out this form. You’ll answer a few questions (which software or tool you want to integrate and what do you want to do with this integration), and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to bring solutions.

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