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What to do when an email template contains unsupported HTML code?
What to do when an email template contains unsupported HTML code?

Users who choose to migrate old email templates to the new editor format may have to adapt the HTML code to the new template format.

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With the update of the email template feature, previously saved templates may not work properly in the new email builder format. Therefore, it is needed to take some steps to adapt the templates to the new model.

The new email editor is secure and visually rich. This means you can make the text bold, italic, add dynamic fields and change the colors of the text; all of that in the same place. Also, view it in its final format directly on the screen.

However, there’s a chance that older templates have invalid HTML code when you migrate from one format to another. If you open an email template that contains unsupported code, you will be notified with the following message:

If you want, you can continue to use the old code (the email template from before the update), but it’s not possible to use the visual editor, since the code is not displayed correctly on the screen; you will see it in plain text. You can still edit the content, but only if you remain in the code editor.

Another option is to convert the old code to the new code. To do this, just click on the Visual Editor button and wait. This is an automatic process of sanitizing the HTML code, in which items that are not allowed are automatically removed.

During the sanitization process, the template layout is updated to the current model. Then, you can make all the changes and adapt it to the new editor structure. Now the possibilities are much greater than before, so take this opportunity to improve the email template.

Then, just click on Save and it’s done! You already have a brand new email template and 100% compatible with the email editor, able to customize it with dynamic fields and set different automations.

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