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What to do when facing payment problems
What to do when facing payment problems

Find out what to do if you have outstanding payments with your Pipefy's plan.

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This article aims to help you with issues regarding payments like credit card declined transactions, expired payment links and others.

Your invoices’ due date is related to the terms of your account and the renewal date of your plan. For example, if the renewal date is the 2nd of each month, and you have a plan with Net 15 terms (15 days to pay the invoice), then your invoices will be due on the 17th of each month.

Click here to learn the details of your plan.

If your account's payment method is credit card, the service suspension happens when the default exceeds 15 (fifteen) days after the due date. If it is wire transfer or Brazilian payment methods such as Ebanx or Bexs, the suspension of services will occur 30 (thirty) days after the due date.

Attention: If the cancellation of your account has happened because of the reason mentioned above, it is possible to reactivate it by reaching out to our customer support or through the email If you pay through credit card you can reactivate your account using one of the links below according to your plan:

My credit card was declined, what should I do?

If you have credit card issues, you can reach out to our customer support or email us requesting a new charge. Besides, you can change the credit card to another one. This procedure is simple and you do it through a link we provide.

Attention: We don't have full access to your credit card details, that's the reason why we send you a link for you to set a new credit card on the platform by yourself.

If you do not realize that your card has been declined, our system will automatically send you an alert email right after the unsuccessful payment attempt. This situation happens for several reasons:

  • Invalid account: The card, or account the card is connected to, is invalid. The customer needs to contact their card issuer to check if the card is working correctly.

  • Incorrect number: The card number is wrong. The customer should try again using the correct card number.

  • Insufficient funds: The card has insufficient funds to complete the purchase. The customer should use an alternative payment method.

  • Do_not_honor: The card has been declined for an unknown reason. The customer needs to contact their card issuer for more information.

  • Expired card: The card has expired. The customer should use another card.

And what if I don’t want to pay with a credit card anymore?

Paying through a credit card is the easiest way for both sides when it comes to bureaucracy, but if you need to change your payment method, we have two more options: wire transfer and payment links through Ebanx or Bexs platforms (available only for Brazilian customers).

You can reach out to our customer support to learn more about this. But to change to one of those options, you need to sign a document called Order Form that aims to formalize our commercial relationship.

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