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All processes inside Pipefy are composed of customizable elements to meet your specific needs, such as forms, phases, fields, and much more. You can view them as a list, kanban, or flow format.

  • List format:

  • Kanban format:

  • Flow:

🔔 Attention: You must be a pipe administrator to access the flow area.

What is this for?

In the flow area, you have an overview of your process from its start to end. As a result, you gain a better understanding of the entire process and can more easily identify which points can be improved.

In this same tool, you can create, edit, and delete phases and fields.

It is also possible to move phases left or right, and thus change the position of phases without accessing the kanban view.

How to access the flow area and edit a process

To access the flow area, click on Settings in the header.

You will see a screen with different tabs related to the pipe (start form, phases, members, emails, automations). Click on the flow tab, located right at the beginning, to view the process flowchart.

Zoom out to see the entire workflow, or zoom in to see details about your pipe.

On the left side, we have your pipe's input sources: information from forms, emails, automations, or integrations that start your workflow.

And on the right side, we have your process.

You will also see your form's fields and each phase. If you want to edit them, move your cursor over each block, and click the pencil-shaped button.

If you want to edit a phase's name or color, just click on it and modify them.

To make a form public or private, click on the on/off button located below the fields.

If desired, move phases from side to side by clicking the three-dot button and then selecting the desired direction.

With the flow arrows, you can see the next steps of the phases and how they are related. The start form will always lead to the first phase.

Cards can go to a single stage or multiple stages, depending on your customization. In the flow format, this is clear with arrows which indicate how the process is connected. Hover over the stages to view them.

The pipe flowchart not only guarantees full visibility, but also facilitates access to the customization of the fields and stages of the process.

Use this tool to view all fields for each phase, edit items clearly and easily, and understand how elements of your process fit together from beginning to end.

For more tips like this, join the Pipefy Community, where you can share your questions, give feedback on our product, and interact with other members.

You can also learn how to make the most out of our platform with Pipefy University's free courses.

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