How to edit pipe reports

Learn how to edit an existing report in your pipes.

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If you want to analyze metrics in a pipe report, you can modify and save it instead of creating a new one from scratch. Here's how:

1. First, access a pipe. Then, on the pipe's header, click on Reports.

2. Select the pipe report you want to customize.

3. Click on the three dots icon, next on the report's name. Then, select Edit report.

4. To change the fields that you want to analyze in this report, you can click on the "And" and "Or" filter options. There, you can change, remove, or add other fields to your report.

5. You can also change those filters' conditions by clicking on the specific field and choosing between is, is not, is unknown, or has any value options.

6. To remove or add fields that you want to view in this report, click on the columns icon and check or uncheck them.

Then, save your report. And, you're done!

To edit this pipe report, you can go back to the Reports page.

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