How to report a bug

What's a bug? What information do you need to provide when reporting a bug? Read this article and find out!

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If you come across any element on Pipefy that looks odd or a feature that's not working properly, you might be facing a bug. 

Don't worry! We're here to help you collect all the necessary information and how to call Pipefy's Support to action.

What's a bug?
Besides those little creatures of nature some people are really afraid of, "bug" is also a general term used to describe any unexpected malfunction in both hardware and software. 

A bug can be an error, a mistake, a defect or a general malfunction that may cause failure or deviation from the expected results. 

Although bugs typically cause just annoying glitches, their impact can be much more serious.

Bug x New Feature
If while using Pipefy you go through a situation in which you want to do something you believe could help your process but you can't - such as giving each card a different color - that's not a bug, we just don't have this feature (yet). 

You can give us your feedback on those as well, though! You might have a brilliant idea we can develop and implement on Pipefy in the future. 

Don't be shy, we'd love to hear your ideas for improving Pipefy!

How to report a bug?

  • Make sure your Pipefy settings allow you to perform that action: If you can't edit a card, the first thing to do is check if you have the permission to do so. Or if an email template is not being sent when it should, check if the dynamic fields are setup correctly (when you import a process template that comes with pre-made email templates, for example, you have to edit the dynamic fields so they 'fetch'' the information from your pipe).

  • Start a new chat with Pipefy: If the issue continues even after you've checked your settings, get in touch with Pipefy's support team trough the chat box on the top right corner of your screen:  

  • Provide as many details as you can: Some bugs can be very tricky to track, identify and reproduce. The same input can cause different outputs depending on many different variables. That's why the more detailed your report is, the easier it would be for us find the error you're facing. Explain to us what you were trying to do and what happened (did you see an error message? what did it say?). Screenshots are an excellent way to show us what's happening! Also, if the issue is occurring inside a specific card or a pipe, provide us with the pipe and/or card ID so we can determine how specific the problem is.

  • PIpefy will  take action: Depending on the bug you've reported, we'll need to ask  you a couple more questions before we can start investigating the bug to reproduce it locally, locate the problem and fix it. The time it takes us to fix a bug depends on how complex it is, how many developers need to work on it and how much time they're given. 

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