Assign people to roles in bulk

Easily import users and assign them to a role at once.

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Assigning people to roles in bulk makes reporting and managing users in your company much easier.

As a Super Admin or Administrator, you can invite and group users by pasting their email addresses into a list.

Manage users in a role

To manage roles and permissions, access the Admin dashboard. Then, click on the number of users assigned to a role next to its title.

As you do, you'll be able to view two tabs:

  • In Permissions, define the actions users can perform in your company (such as creating pipes, creating databases, and others).

  • In Users, view a list of users, remove them from the role or assign more people.

Add people in bulk

To assign multiple people to a role, click on Assign users.

To click on the option Add in bulk.

It's possible to assign users who have joined your company's account or automatically invite new ones by copying and pasting their email addresses.

💡 Tip: You can copy and paste email addresses from an Excel spreadsheet.

Your users' email addresses must be distributed in only one per line.

It's possible to assign 1,000 users to a role – if you want to add more than that, you can use Pipefy's APIs.

  • If users with that email address already exist in your company, they'll be immediately assigned to the role.

  • Users who haven't joined your company will be invited to join through that email address.

As you finish, click on Add users.

You'll receive an email from Pipefy informing you if the import was successful.

If it weren't possible to assign users, you'd receive an email informing you what went wrong so that you can try again.

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