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Video tutorials

Watch quick videos about Pipefy's main features to build your processes better.

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In addition to helpful articles, you can boost your Pipefy skills with these quick videos. Learn at your pace and customize processes that work well for you!

The following video tutorials approach Pipefy's main features, what they are, and how to work with them.

Pipefy overview

Find out how Pipefy will help you build an error-proof process.

Pipefy members and permissions

Learn how to manage people from your team and stakeholders in Pipefy.


In Pipefy, each process corresponds to a pipe, divided into phases, so you can better organize your activities and control access to information.


Phases help your team standardize information and ensure nothing gets lost.


Cards represent different demands according to the process type. They are used to store information and manage each task through the pipe.

Start Form

The Start Form is one of the tools used to collect data to start a process. You can make it public and share it with stakeholders. Each pipe has its own start form.


Build your self-service portal by gathering forms in a single place.


Save information about clients, suppliers, products, or anything else you need. Connect databases to pipes so your team can easily access and work with this data.

PDF Generator

Create and export PDF files with information from your process.


Make connections between pipes, or between pipes and databases, so you can access and transfer information from one process to another.

Email templates

Create email templates to ease and standardize communication with stakeholders.

Field Conditionals

Conditionals are advanced features used in forms to show or hide information according to previous answers.


Eliminate manual tasks by automating emails, notifications, updates, and more.


Keep track of your process' performance by pulling out data from cards.

Learn more about process management with Pipefy Academy’s free courses. You can also join our Community to ask questions, share ideas, give feedback about our product, and engage with other members.

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