How to set up automation conditions

Define the conditions needed for your automations to run.

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While creating an automation, you can add one or more conditions to specify when it should run.

Conditions consider what fields are present in a start form and phase forms.

For example:

When a user fills out a field with a particular answer, the automation will trigger the action. But, if the answer is different from what is defined, the automation won't happen.

Groups of conditions

You can set a single condition to an automation rule or create groups of conditions with 2 or more fields in it.

If you add more conditions to the same group, the automation will only happen if the card matches all conditions in its fields.

But if you create different groups, the automation will happen if the card's fields matches at least one of the conditions.

Let's explore this with a use case:

Set an automation with a single condition

Suppose you are working in a sales Lead Qualification pipe, and you want to automate communication. Every time a prospect moves to the qualification phase and matches the following profile, they will receive an email.

Lead profile:

  • Company industry must be retail

To build this automation, go to the pipe and click on Automate.

Select create new automation and, in the next page, the event that will trigger it.

In this case, when a card enters a phase.

Now, click on add condition to define when the automation must happen.

Remember the lead profile we are looking for? We are going to add this condition here:

  • Company industry is equal to retail

Click on save and set the action: send an email template.

Add more conditions to the same group

Now, let's suppose the lead profile we are looking for is:

  • The Company industry is retail

  • AND the company size is large

This meansonly large retail companies will receive the email. In other words, the lead has to follow both attributes.

So, let's add more conditions to this group.

And define the condition:

  • Company size is equals to large

Save it, and set the event.

Set automation with 2 or more groups of conditions

In this case, we are looking for leads that:

  • The company industry is retail

  • OR the company size is large

This means retail companies of all sizes, plus large companies from other industries, will receive the email. In other words, the lead has to follow at least one of these attributes.

Therefore, add another group of conditions.

Then, specify it:

  • In one group: Company industry equals to retail

  • In the other group: Company size is equals to large

Save it and set the action.

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