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How to complete tasks
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Learn what tasks are and how to complete them inside and outside Pipefy:

  • Tasks are activities assigned to you by a company that uses Pipefy.

  • Tasks can be sent to collect pending information, approvals, or any action that depends on you.

  • To complete tasks, use the Pipefy email link, or access Pipefy and fill out the requested information.

What are tasks

Put simply, tasks are requests made through Pipefy, usually consisting of an action to complete, like filling in pending information, providing an approval signature, or any action that affects a workflow.

How to access and complete tasks

You can complete tasks by clicking the link in the email request, and filling out the resulting form's fields.

If you have access to Pipefy via the requesting company’s invite, you can find all pending activities in the Tasks & Requests tab.

To access tasks assigned to you:

  1. Click on Tasks & Requests at the top of the screen.

    💡 Tip: Next to the button, you will have a pending task counter (it works only for the tasks you have not yet viewed ).

  2. Inside the page, you will find your tasks divided into:

  • Pending: tasks received that were not completed yet

  • Done: tasks you have completed

    Filter tasks by their original pipe and search for them by the title.

You’ll have full visibility into your pending and specific tasks in a process.

To complete a task, click it, fill out the required fields, and send the information.

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