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How to unblock your account
How to unblock your account
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Learn how to recover access to your Pipefy account when you have entered your password incorrectly too many times:

  • For security reasons, your account will be blocked if you enter an incorrect password ten times in a row.

  • You have to unlock your account via email.

  • Try to recover your password before having it blocked.

Why the account is blocked

Your access will be blocked for security reasons if you try to enter an incorrect password 10 times in a row. This will also affect public forms usage.

📢 Keep in mind: If you are trying to enter your account and it hasn’t been blocked yet, learn how to recover your password.

You will see this message on the login page if this situation happens: Your account has been blocked after multiple consecutive login attempts.

How to unblock your account

To unblock your account, you should email Pipefy’s Support team (

You can use the example message below, altering it to reflect your data:

I’m trying to login to my Pipefy account, but it’s blocked.

I’m sending my data below to recover my access:

Looking forward to your reply.

📢 Keep in mind: If you don’t have access to email, search for a person responsible for Pipefy in your company and ask them to contact the Support team in our chat.

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