What is Pipefy Procure-to-Pay
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Optimize your Procure-to-Pay processes, ensuring efficiency and transparency to all involved.

  • Pipefy Procure-to-Pay optimizes your procure-to-pay workflows to bring greater operational efficiency.

  • The software provides various features to centralize, streamline, and enhance visibility in P2P processes.

  • It is possible to integrate the software with other tools.

  • You can easily conduct 3-way matching with Pipefy Procure-to-Pay.

  • You can carry out both the P2P and procurement processes within Pipefy.

What is Pipefy Procure-to-Pay

The Procure-to-Pay process includes various tools, systems, and stakeholders like requesters, approvers, buyers, and suppliers.

Pipefy Procure-to-Pay is a solution that optimizes this workflow, from purchasing to accounts payable.

Gain efficiency in procurement with workflow automations, simplified onboarding to suppliers, and offer a more agile and transparent payment process.

How Pipefy Procure-to-Pay works

The Pipefy Procure-to-Pay solution bridges the gaps between purchasing and accounts payable to offer the best experience to internal and external users.

Dispense with disorganized applications, communication gaps, and spreadsheets, and turn to integrated and efficient workflows.

📢 Keep in mind: Pipefy Procure-to-Pay includes the purchasing process and accounts payable, moving from one end to the other in the procure-to-pay flow.

What are the advantages

Pipefy Procure-to-Pay has countless benefits. They include:

  • Centralization of teams, tools, and workflows

  • Simplify your requests, approvals, and payments

  • Eliminate barriers in communication to have a more agile and effective procure-to-pay

  • Have a more integrated approach to potentialize your results.

Get inspired

  • Accounts Payable: Leave behind the manual tasks of organizing invoices and sharing receipts with the procurement team, requesters, and suppliers – Pipefy does it all for you! Everything is managed automatically, from internal communication to suppliers.

  • Purchasing: Enhance the standard of your purchasing process, standardize requests to ensure comprehensive information and don’t miss any crucial details. Additionally, generate reports automatically to make data-driven decisions!

  • Supplier Management: Streamline communication, never miss payment deadlines, provide excellent onboarding, and cultivate a healthy relationship with suppliers.

How to integrate Pipefy Procure-to-Pay to other tools

Connect your P2P process with other tools to unify your operations, avoid errors, and never miss deadlines.

With custom integration, you can integrate with different systems, like:

What is 3-way matching in P2P, and how does Pipefy use it?

The 3-way matching process involves verification, in three steps, of crucial documents and information in procurement and payment processes. If all records are correct, the request is approved and executed.

You can perform this entire process in Pipefy automatically, using mandatory fields to ensure all essential documents are in the request. It allows real-time information sharing with stakeholders and approvers, and automated audits.

What is the difference between P2P and Procurement software?

Procurement is a broad term that relates to the entire resource acquisition strategy. In contrast, procure-to-pay is a subset of procurement tasks associated with all activities acquiring goods or services.

With Pipefy, you can address both aspects because you can create and automate end-to-end processes, ensuring greater efficiency without compromising data security throughout the entire process.

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