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How to use Pipefy's artificial intelligence to create the perfect processes for you
How to use Pipefy's artificial intelligence to create the perfect processes for you

Pipefy's artificial intelligence tool can help you create processes from scratch and recommend workflow optimizations.

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🔐 Available for all plans.

👤 For all users except company and external guests.

🎯 For those who want to create custom processes and receive best practice tips.

Pipefy AI is here to help you get the most out of our platform with the help of fast and efficient artificial intelligence at no additional cost. This way, you can speed up the operation, say goodbye to manual tasks, and thus focus on more valuable day-to-day activities.

Currently, Pipefy AI can assist you in two different scenarios:

  • Creation of processes from scratch, in which you describe your needs;

  • Guidance on methods to improve your processes within Pipefy.

🔔Warning: Pipefy AI is in its early stages, so some inconsistencies may happen. Pipefy AI is constantly improving to provide better answers and experiences for you.

How to access Pipefy AI

To access Pipefy AI, simply click the AI button on the lower right corner of your home screen.

🔔 Attention: To use Pipefy IA, you must have any permission that allows you to create pipes in your organization on Pipefy.

Let’s get started! A chat box will open in the bottom right corner where you can begin talking to Pipefy AI. The chat presents some conversation-starting options, but you can start it as you prefer.

Tell Pipefy AI what an ideal process for your business looks like. Ask questions. You’ll get the best results by describing your needs objectively, using short sentences, and asking one question at a time.

For example, you can describe what a process is like in an area of your company (how many people work on it, the steps, etc.). You can also ask the Pipefy AI how a specific process works, and it will yield examples.

Check out these sample questions:

  • How can I automate a recruitment process?

  • How does an ideal purchasing process work?

  • What are the best practices for optimizing a sales funnel?

  • How can I create an ideal service desk process in Pipefy?

  • How do I manage a requisition process in a company of 100 people?

You can also contextualize Pipefy AI with all the information you deem important so that your answers will be more assertive. For example:

  • My company has 100 employees and works with cell phone insurance. Our insurance process involves claim receipt, fraud validation, claim approval, scheduling, and payment. How do companies like mine manage this process?

There are several possibilities here! You can chat with Pipefy AI as if you were chatting with anyone else. Artificial intelligence will give you tips, guidance, and recommendations. Take a look:

When you are satisfied with your questions and have described the process you need, just click the Create Pipe button and wait a few seconds. If Pipefy AI takes more than a few seconds to redirect you to the newly created pipe, reload the page and ask to create the pipe again.

The link to the process will appear in the conversation itself. Just click on it to be redirected to the pipe, built based on your conversation with the Pipefy AI.

The process created by Pipefy AI arrives with a configured form, ready-made phases and fields. Explore the pipe and get ready to customize it however you like. The end result depends on how much information you sent in the chat, and the amount of detail you include in your descriptions.

This is a new way to begin using Pipefy to build agile, optimized, and simple processes without the need for coding experience or third-party assistance.

This is only the beginning for Pipefy AI! We’ll have more news to share soon as Pipefy's artificial intelligence undergoes continuous development. Stay tuned!

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