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Discover the new features of Pipefy!

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Q1 2024

  • With advanced SLA rules, you can exclude holidays, set working hours, and adjust deadlines for different time zones, ensuring greater control and reliability of your operation's data.

  • Now you can view more information on the Admin Panel. Track automation jobs usage, discover how many jobs each process is utilizing, and use filters to obtain automation usage metrics for previous periods with the updated Admin Panel.

  • Pipefy can now be used in Spanish! This way, more people can optimize their processes in their native language around the world.

December 2023

  • The first version of the Admin Panel is now available! Use it to access the entire history of automation jobs within your organization, for security and governance!

  • With HTTP automation, it’s easy to integrate Pipefy with external software without the need for other connectors. You can send requests to different programs and receive them from Pipefy.

  • Now your tasks and requests are available in one place, further simplifying the requester experience.

November 2023

  • With the Automated Formulas feature, you can perform complex calculations in your processes and instantly obtain results through automation, saving time and avoiding errors in operation.

  • Now, you can also add owners to Groups. This way, groups become more organized and better managed, ensuring more governance for your organization.

  • You can now manage your Pipefy users within your own IDP, such as Jumpcloud and Azure AD. User provisioning is available for all types of protocols.

October 2023

  • With the Suggested Invites feature, Pipefy identifies the key requesters in your company and makes it easy to add them to your organization, helping you centralize HR, Finance, and IT requests and track them all in one place.

  • Now, you can also invite guests to Groups. This makes it easier to grant access to request forms for multiple people at once. And the best part: at no additional cost!

  • With Pipefy AI, you have endless possibilities:

    • Create custom workflows and automate processes with the AI Builder. Just describe your process, and Pipefy takes care of everything for you.

    • Gain real-time insights into your processes with AI Analytics. Make informed and strategic decisions based on accurate data.

    • Create AI Agents to assist your team 24/7, ensuring that everyone has their own personal assistant, always ready to help.

September 2023

  • With Groups, organizing company members becomes much easier! By creating groups with your collaborators, you can add or remove multiple users from a pipe with just one click, making this task much simpler! This speeds up and streamlines processes like employee onboarding.

  • With White Label, bring your company's brand into Pipefy. It allows you to create personalized portals and customize your organization's environment. For example, enable the creation of a personalized support portal with your company's branding.

  • With Interfaces, gather data from different pipes and databases in one place. Create customized pages to provide specific information to different users, such as the status of purchase requests made by each team.

August 2023

  • With Tasks, work collaboratively with people outside of your process. Request information, documents, approvals, and missing data in one place

  • With Round Robin, guarantee operational optimization by distributing all demands equally among the people on your team. This includes sales leads, HR applications, purchase requisitions,and more.

  • With the new Branding Experience, create a personalized experience for your team by changing the design of your portal pages, requests, and tasks.

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