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What is a connection field? 

Pipefy's connection type fields (pipe connection and database connection) enable users to connect a pipe to another pipe or to a database

If you have a process that demands cooperation from another process from a specific phase and you want to add the option of creating/linking cards or database records as a part of a phase (like any other field), a connection field is what you need!

Important! When creating a connection field between pipes or a pipe and a database you're automatically enabling access to the information in the connected pipe/database and all existing cards/records.

Connecting pipes 

In order to make it easier for you to understand how this field works if you want to connect two pipes, we'll explain it using a purchase process as an example. 

In this process, when a card reaches the 'purchasing' phase, I must necessarily create a connected card on accounts payable so that the order can be paid and processed. 

The benefit of creating a connected card is that you can very easily see to what purchase the card belongs. The information you filled out on the 'purchasing' phase won't get lost and will be accessible whenever you open the card in your 'accounts payable' pipe. 

Learn more on how to connect pipes with a connection field here.

Connecting a pipe and a database 

To make it easier to understand, we'll keep using our Purchase Process example.

Whenever one of your employees need to create a new purchase request, instead of manually inputting all their information (such as name, email, etc.) they can use a connection field to simply search your employees database for their record:

Besides saving a lot of time when creating new requests, using the connection field to the database helps keep track of all the requests linked to a specific record:

Learn more about how to connect your pipe with a database using a connection field here.

After creating your connection field, when you select cards or registers, you can choose to see only the in-progress/active ones, or also see done cards/registers.

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