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How to connect a pipe to a Slack channel
How to connect a pipe to a Slack channel

Receive automatic updates about card activities in your Slack channels.

Written by Bruna Griebeler
Updated over a week ago

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To link a process inside Pipefy to a Slack account, open the pipe and click on tools.

Select Apps and click on Slack.

In the new window, enable it.

You will find a button with Slack's logo at your pipe's header. Click on it to move forward with the connection.

Now, allow Pipefy to access your workspace. To do so, you need to log in on Slack.

Select the channel you want the alerts to appear, and what you want to be notified about using the switch buttons.

Click on save to activate the notifications.

Use cases

  • Connect your Sales CRM pipe to your sales channel in Slack to notify your team every time a new lead is submitted. In this case, a new lead is a new card in your pipeline.

  • Integrate your Job Requisition pipe to your HR channel, so your team won't miss any due date regarding new job requests. For this, activate the late, expired, and overdue options when setting up which notifications you want to receive in Slack.

  • Activate the Slack app in your Purchase Process to know when a request moves to the approval phase and needs the attention of your squad.

What is Slack?

Slack is a communication and a collaboration platform, where people can chat, share information, and work together.

It is possible to create a channel for each area of your company and connect particular pipes to each of them.

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