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Slack is an amazing collaboration and communication tool that helps teams from all over the planet integrate, communicate and coordinate their work.

By enabling Pipefy's Slack app you can setup automatic alerts so that your Slack channels will automatically receive updates regarding the activities in your cards.

Enabling this app is easy, simply open the sidebar menu of your pipe by clicking the tool icon on the upper right corner of the screen then click on apps.

After you do, click on Slack. This window will pop-up on your screen:

Click on the 'Enable' button to activate the app. Once you refresh the page, the following icon will be displayed on your pipe's header:

Once you click on the Slack icon on your Pipe's header you'll see the Slack notifications window where you'll be asked to add the Slack Team where you wish to be notified:

To add a new team, click on "Add Slack Team". You'll be redirected to a page to sign in to your Slack workspace:

After you sign in you'll be redirected to an authorization screen where you'll need to allow Pipefy to access your Slack information and vice versa. Click the green 'authorize' button to finish setting up the app:

Once you authorize Pipefy's app you'll go back to Pipefy where you'll need to choose:

  1. The Slack team where you wish to receive notifications;

  2. The Channel within the Slack Team you selected;

  3. The activities you wish to be notified of. You can choose to be notified when a card:

  • Is created;

  • Is moved;

  • Becomes late;

  • Becomes expired;

  • Becomes overdue;

  • Is finished (enters a final phase).

Once you're done, click the green 'save' button and you're Slack alert is activated. If you need to edit or delete the alert, open the slack notifications menu and click on the pencil icon next to the alert's name:

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