Creating a new Card on your Pipe is really easy. All you have to do is click the ‘Create new card’-button.

Note: As a default, you can only create new Cards on the first Phase. If you wish to be able to create Cards on every Phase, access your Phase's settings and check the 'Allow creating cards on this phase'-box.

As soon as you clicked 'Create new card', fill in the necessary information (the Fields you’ve previously added on your Start Form) and then click the green stripe that says ‘Create card’ at the bottom of your Start Form.

Cards can also be created by:

  • Connections - You can set up a  Connection on your Pipe and create a Card in another Pipe directly from within the "main" Card (these Cards will be connected) or even a new Card on the same Pipe from a specific Phase. 
  • Email inbox - You can setup your Pipe’s email inbox in a way that, every time you receive an e-mail on this address, a Card will be created. 
  • Public Form - You can let people that aren’t members of your Pipe or even your Team create cards by using the Public Form feature - it’s a public, online open representation of your start form.

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