Creating a new Field or editing an existing one on your Start Form or in any of your Phases is easy. First, access your Pipe’s Settings by selecting the settings wheel on the upper right side of your Pipe Dashboard.

On your Start Form or Phase settings, find the list of the existing Fields and scroll down to find the blue 'Create new field'-button.

After you select the option to create a new Field, you will be redirected to the following screen:

Field Label

A Field’s label is your Field’s name (the name that will be shown on your Fields list).


There are many Field types to choose from and each one has its particularities (such as input format, options list, etc.). 

Field Settings

There are three option boxes to check in Field settings:

  • This Field is required - If you check this box, the Card cannot move to the next Phase before this Field is completed. Setting required Fields is a good example of how you can set rules to optimize your processes;
  • Editable - Checking this box gives you the option of editing information on Fields in later Phases. Say, you want to edit the email address of a client you inserted on the Start Form. If it's editable, you can update the email address in any Phase you wish without having to create a new Card;
  • Synchronize card's field with this fixed field (only for Assignee Select, Due Date and Labels) - By checking this option, the Field will disappear from the top of the Card and appear between the other Fields on the Card


The Field’s description are the instructions that appear when the Field is shown on the Card. An example could be: "please insert the client's e-mail address here".


This only needs to be used when creating a checklist, radio button or select type of Field. Inside the “options” box, you must input the alternatives you want people to choose from, one under the other without any punctuation signals between them;

Help Text

When you want to give further instructions or tips on how the Field should be filled, you can use the help text option. It creates this little question mark next to the Field that, when clicked, opens the help text on the right side of the Card.

When editing your help text, you can see how it’ll look on the Card by using the preview option.

Once you’re done, click the green 'save' button and you’re good to go!

Pipefy Tip: You can also add and edit Fields according to your needs by clicking the 'Click here to customize this form'-button that you see below the fields you configured on an open card.

The following screen will pop up:

If you click one of the fields options, you will see the following screen:

I opted for 'Attachment' here. On the left side of the screen you can give the field a name under 'Field label', add a description, add a help text, make the field required, allow for the minimal view option, or make the field editable on other phases.

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