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Who can access this feature?

  • All pipe members and admins can create, edit and delete phases.

  • Available to all plans.

Before you begin

What is a phase?

All pipes have phases, which represent a different step in the process, and help to organize cards.

Every phase contains fields you can edit, order, and customize to suit your process’s needs. Is possible to fill them by yourself, or ask your stakeholders to do it.

You can also set specific assignees, descriptions, and alerts for each phase.

If you are using one of Pipefy's templates, it will come with pre-defined phases that can be edited at any time.

But, if you are building a pipe from scratch, you have to create phases of your own.


Edit pre-existing phases

Open the pipe, hover the cursor over the phase you want to modify, and click on the gear button.

In the phase editor, you can add, change or delete fields and set up field conditionals. If you go to advanced options, you'll be able to:

  • Customize the phase's name, color and description

  • Set it as the end of the process, so once cards get there, they'll be considered complete.

  • Allow people to create new cards in this phase

  • Define assignees, the people in charge of tasks in that phase

  • Specify alerts in cards (SLAs)

To edit a phase's description in a pipe, click on it’s name, change the text and click on enter on your keyboard to save it.

Create new phases

If you're starting your pipe from zero, click on the New phase.

Give it a name, and then click on the gear button to edit it as we've previously seen.

To add a new phase between phases, hover the cursor and click on the plus sign button.

Give it a name and start editing it by adding fields, conditionals and advanced options if you need to.

How to move a phase

To change its position in the pipe, click on the three dots button and select the direction.

Delete a phase

Click on the three dots button and select the Delete phase.

Attention: before you do it, keep in mind that you will lose all cards, data and previous settings once you delete a phase.

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