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In Pipefy, we use fields to build forms. Users fill the fields with the required information to begin or to continue with a process.

Pipefy templates come with predefined forms and predefined fields, which you can edit at any time.

If you're creating a pipe from scratch, you'll have to build forms from scratch too, by adding fields to them.

In the form editor, you'll find different field types. Some are designed to gather specific information, such as phone numbers or email addresses. Others are designed for diverse uses, such as short text entries or checkboxes.

To build a form, click, drag and drop the desired field, give it a title (the information you are asking for) and save. Repeat this step for all fields in the form.

How to choose the right field?

Below are examples of information types and recommended fields for Pipefy forms.

Information type

Recommended field

Names, addresses, ID numbers or any other information in short sentences

Short text

Customer feedback, briefing details, additional observations, or any other information that needs further explanation

Long text

Email address


Phone number

Phone number

List of options where a user can select multiple answers


List of options where a user can select a single answer

Radio or dropdown select

Due date


To set the time

Time (set according to your time zone)

Identify cards per priority level, or request type


Numeric values (1, 12, 345)


Amount of money ($10,000)


Generate a requirement number

Card ID

To connect cards to other pipes and databases


The person responsible for a card


Attach files such as PDFs or spreadsheets


Insert a message at the top of your form, links, images or tables

Dynamic content

Unique values

You can enable unique values to prevent duplicated information from arriving at your pipe or database.

That means fields in a form (or a pipe, or database) can't be filled out with the same intakes.

Otherwise, they won't be submitted to your team, avoiding possible errors and saving their time from looking for the right information in many places.

For example, if a candidate is already in a Recruitment pipe, it won't be possible to create another card with that same candidate's name.

Field types you can set as unique are:

  • Short text

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Document ID

  • Number

  • Currency

  • Date time

  • Due date

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