You can access your Pipe’s Start Form settings by selecting the settings wheel on the upper right side of your screen and then selecting the ‘Start form’-tab.

Within the Start Form’s settings, you are able to add new Fields (click 'Create a new field'-button), modify or delete existing Fields from your Start Form (click the settings wheel), making absolutely sure it asks for all the information you consider necessary when creating a new card.

The Start Form’s Advanced Options allow you to customize the 'Create card'-button text, and define which field you’d like to be used as your card’s title (it’s the information you will see on all closed cards on your Pipe’s dashboard).

Also, in the Advanced Options you are able to enable or disable the Public Form and Email Inbox features, and you can check or uncheck the possibility of all team members creating cards on this Pipe.

Pipefy Tip: You can edit your Start Form’s settings via a shortcut. Click create new card, and then 'Click here to customize this form'.

From within an opened card you can also directly add/edit fields by clicking the blue 'Add/edit fixed fields in this phase'-button. 

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