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In Pipefy, you can customize different field types to standardize information in your forms, phases, reports, dashboards, and databases.

Field Types

Here are the different field types available to you, and some examples of how you can use them.

Short text

Ask for information that can be answered with short sentences or fewer words.

Example: first name, last name, home address, etc.

Long text

Ask for information that needs further explanation in more than a few words.

Example: a customer's feedback on a product or service, marketing briefing details, additional observations, etc.

Dynamic content

Add a text block to your form or phase that can be customized with fonts, links, or images. You can place dynamic content in your text that autocompletes with information that is filled in other fields in your pipe.



Attach a file from your device.

Example: an invoice in a PDF format, a report in Excel format, etc.

Horizontal or vertical checkbox

Create checklists in which one or more options can be selected.

Example: a to-do checklist.

Assignee select

Assign one or more members of the pipe to deal with this card.

When the assignee select field is clicked, a list of all members of the pipe will appear on a list, so you don't have to type in their names every time.


Date and Datetime

Ask for a due date in the format of a calendar. The same information will be displayed on your cards, so you can better track your deadlines.



Ask your requesters to select a label from a list of existing labels in the pipe.

Example: labels that categorize priority levels, like high priority, low priority, neutral, etc.


Ask for an email address in the format [email protected].

Example: customer, lead, or requester contact.


Request a phone number that contains a specific country code.


Dropdown select

Add multiple choices to a single field, in which only one option can be selected.

Example: a list of cities, a list of departments, etc.

Horizontal or vertical radio select

Add multiple choices in which one or more options can be selected.

Example: a radio list of clothing sizes


Request a time value in the format of hours and minutes, according to your time zone. Example: estimated time for a request to be completed


Ask for simple numerical values.

Example: 1, 2, or 3.

Numerical fields won't come to your pipe in the format of dates, time, or currencies. In this case, you can use field types dedicated to these formats.


Ask for an amount of money, according to your country's currency format.

Example: $5.00 dollars, R$ 50,00 reais, etc.

Document ID

Ask for specific document numbers that vary in different countries.

Example: Brazilian documents like CPF or CNPJ.

Card ID

This field automatically creates a unique ID for each card, so you can filter this information and find it more easily in your pipe.

Connection fields

Before adding one of these field types to your forms or phases:

  • Check if this pipe is connected to another pipe

  • Check if your pipe is connected to an existing database

Pipe connection

Use this field to create the same card in different connected pipes.

Example: a candidate's resumé is submitted to both Recruitment and Job Opening pipes.

Database connection

Select a record from an existing database in your Pipefy account.

Example: an employee or supplier record.

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