Types of fields

Pipefy offers you many different options of fields to add to your Pipe’s Start Form and Phases. You can create a new field by accessing your Start Form or Phase settings, and clicking 'Create new field'. When creating a field, you need to give your field a name first, and then choose the type of the field you want to have on your Start Form or Phase.

Fixed fields

Each card already consists of six ‘Fixed fields’. These fixed fields are Due date, Assignees, Labels, Attachments, Checklists and Comments. A fixed field is a field that will appear on the card in every phase, instead of just in a particular phase. If you decide to create an Assignee Select, Label or Due Date field and you want this field to belong to one specific phase – simply switch off the ‘Synchronize this card’s field with fixed field’-option in your field settings. 

Minimal view

Choosing the minimal view option on a field's settings helps make your pipe's start form/phases uncluttered by transforming optional/less important fields into links.

Setting a field to appear in minimal view is easy, all you have to do is access your field settings by clicking the three dots next to the phase's title then choosing the 'Edit this field' option. When you're in your field's settings, simply check the 'Minimal view'-button and your field will appear as a clickable link that will expand as soon as you access it. 

Here’s an overview of all types of fields:

Assignee select

Assign a member of your Pipe to be responsible for the card. No need to manually input the names, all your Pipe’s members will be shown on a dropdown list if you select this type. Note that you can also auto-assign someone to a particular phase in your phase settings, and that Assignee Select is a fixed field. 


If you need to attach external archives to your card in a specific phase such as scanned receipts when asking for a refund - this is the type of field you need.

You can have the option of setting a custom validation of your attachment field when setting it up, such that your team member only upload files of an extension you defined.  

Checklist Horizontal and Checklist Vertical

Create checklists (horizontal or vertical) in which one or more options can be selected. For the options to be correctly shown, they have to be inserted on the Field’s 'Options'-box, one under the other;


Fields for inserting Brazilian document numbers*: CPF is for people and CNPJ is for companies

* Fields with specific input restrictions and number formats

Connection FieldUse our Connection Field to be able to create connected cards or connected database records to another process from within your phase. This field allows you to activate our connections feature from within your phase. 


Use this field to input amounts of money (such as how much the person asking for an expense reimbursement spent)

Database LinkA database link field forms the bridge between your pipe and your database. You can use a database link field to either create a new entry in your database as soon as you create a card, or connect information in a card to an already existing entry – this depends on your field settings (see chapter 3, Advanced Features).

Date and Datetime

These fields must be used when the information you’re asking for should be answered with a date or date and time;

Due date

Use this field when asking for the card’s due date. This data will be shown on the card and used to track the completion of the activity.

The due dates field is also a fixed field on each card.


Field for e-mail input (with field validation for common e-mail format such as name@domain.com);

Label select

This field type will create a dropdown list of all the pre-existing labels on your pipe to choose from (no need to input the options manually - they can be changed on your Pipe’s Settings);

The Label select field also appears as a fixed field on each card.

Long text

Use this field when asking for a longer text input. You can open a long text field when asking for detailed information, for example;


This field should be used when the info you ask for in your field’s description must be answered in a simple numeric format (excluding date, time and currency formats, they all have their specific fields);

Pipefy Tip: Worth mentioning here is that every number field you have allows you to create a Formula that shows you the Sum, Average, Minimum or Maximum value of all Number fields you filled out on your Pipe Report!


These must be used for inputting phone numbers 

Radio Horizontal, Radio Vertical and Select

These field types allow you to create options for the user to chose one from. The options must be input on the 'Options'-box when creating/editing the field, one under the other;

Short Text

This is the field type to go for when asking for information that can be answered with fewer words, such as first name, last name, address, etc.


This is the field to use when giving instructions about the phase. It doesn’t generate any input boxes or options to be checked, it’s just shown as plain text on your phase.

Pipefy Tip: Never set a statement field as mandatory. If you do so, users won't be able to input information into your start form/phase: the statement field doesn't require that any information is inserted into it so it can't be filled.


Use this field to ask for an answer in time format - hours and minutes.

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