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Users in Business, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans can add field conditionals to their forms to display or hide other fields according to previous answers.

It is possible to create single or multiple scenarios.

Field conditionals: step by step

To begin, open a card, click on the three dots button on the upper right corner, and select Setup field conditionals.

Click on add new conditional, and choose a scenario. For example:

Let's suppose you have a purchase pipe. Whenever a team member requests an item that costs over $1,000, the manager has to analyze it. If the purchase is not approved, they have to explain the reason.

This is our scenario:

  • If the field "should the request be approved is marked" as no, the field "rejection reasons" is shown.

  • If the answer is yes, the "rejection reasons" field stays hidden.

That is:

  • If the scenario is true, show the field.

  • If it is false, hide it.

Let's see it in action:

Now, try to add multiple scenarios, using the options and/or.

For example, if the purchase is greater than $1,000 and wasn't approved; or, if the purchase is from the Engineering area, and wasn't approved, then show the rejection reason field.

There are many possibilities with this tool! If you need any help, join Pipefy's Community to find more tips about our product and give feedback.

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