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Create and edit fields in forms and phases
Create and edit fields in forms and phases

Use fields to collect information, start a new process, or move cards forward to other phases.

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In Pipefy, you use fields to gather information, create new cards, or move cards forward through a process.

Who can access this feature?

  • All pipe members and admins can create, edit, and delete fields.

  • This feature is available to all plans.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you are familiar with the field types available. Depending on the information you have to collect, you will use various field types.

How to add fields in a start form

Open your pipe, and click on Form.

Then, click on Edit.

Next, drag and drop the field type you want to add to your form.

Name the field types and, if necessary, adjust the field’s settings to add additional information or card actions. For example:

  • Add a description or help text: use them to add extra instructions to your field

  • Use custom validation: set a standart format to validate information input

  • Set it as required: turn it on to set the field as mandatory

  • Display it as a minimal view: show field as a single line

  • Make it editable in other phases: pipe members and admins can edit the field when the card is in other phases

  • Or call for a unique value: no other card can have the same info

When you're ready, click Save.

How to edit a field in a start form

Open the form editor, and click on the pencil-shaped button next to the field's title.

What can I edit in a field?

You can change its title and options, but it's not possible to change its type after you’ve created it.

For example, you can’t transform a short text field into an email field. To do this, you’ll have to delete the short text field and add a new email field. The changes will only appear in new cards created after the change, so you won’t lose any information included in existing cards.

How to add or edit a field in a phase

Open your pipe, and hover the cursor over the phase you wish to add the new field.

Then, click on the gear icon to edit the phase.

Similar to a start form, drag and drop the field type you’d like to add. Give it a name, choose additional settings, and save it.

If you need to modify it, click on the pencil-shaped button.


How do I define the fields I want to display in a closed card?

Open your pipe, and click on the gear icon to access pipe settings.

Then, select the card's title and subtitles.

What's the timezone in the datetime field type?

It's the same one set in your profile settings. If you need to change it, go to account preferences.

Find the timezone option, select the one you desire, and save.

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