What are Pipe Reports?

Your Pipe’s Reports are no less than all the information extracted from the Fields of all Cards in your Pipe, shown to you in a customizable spreadsheet format.

With the Reports feature you can easily create and save report models to access whenever you need the information. 

How can Pipe Reports be used?

Pipe Reports can be used in a lot of possible situations in which you would like to deeply analyze what’s going on in your Pipes. Pipe Reports can help you improve your processes tremendously by analyzing productivity, time spent in each Phase, etc. In order to highlight all the available functionalities of the Pipe Reports features, we’ll give you a few practical examples.

Sales Pipeline

In a Sales Pipeline, for example, you might be interested in: 

  • The deals one of your agents closed that are higher than value X over a the past year;
  • The total amount of one of your agents’ deals over the past 6 months;
  • The amount of proposals your agents have sent over the last couple of months;
  • How fast deals are closed.

Team Task Management

In a Team Task Management Pipe, you can:

  • Generate a report that will show you the amount of open/unresolved cards that are labelled as high priority and assigned to one of your team members; 
  • Track the amount of tasks completed over the past period;
  • And much more!

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