Your Pipefy profile settings

Your profile settings will help you to personalize your account. You can access your profile settings by going to your avatar and clicking on your settings. Profile settings are subdivided into two tabs: ‘Profile’ and ‘Notifications’.


Inside the ‘Profile’-tab on your user settings you can:

  • View and modify your profile picture, your name, username, email address, language, and timezone;
  • Access your API key.

We recommend uploading a profile picture and editing your name - this will help other users identify who you are.


Inside the ‘notifications’ tab, you can:

  • Enable or disable email notifications for all your Pipes;
  • Customize which email notifications you wish to receive for each Pipe within each Team.

Enable or disable notifications

The first section of the page allows you to enable or disable the following email notifications for all Pipes and all Teams you are in regarding:

  • When you get added to a Pipe or Team
  • When you get assigned to a Card
  • When a card is moved, expires, becomes late or overdue
  • When a new comment or checklist is created

Custom notifications

In case you prefer to customize your settings - go to the Team and the Pipe you wish to edit, click ‘custom’ and enable or disable the notifications.

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