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Business VS Enterprise plans: what’s the difference?
Business VS Enterprise plans: what’s the difference?

Single Sign-On, Multifactorial Authentication, and Custom Email Domain: 3 important differences within Business and Enterprise plans.

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In this article, we'll identify the main differences between two Pipefy paid plans: Business and Enterprise.

While the Business plan is a good choice for companies that want to centralize and standardize their processes, the Enterprise plan is suitable for businesses looking for process automation, time optimization, and more complex scenarios.

Main differences between Business and Enterprise plans

Single Sign-On

Available for Enterprise plans only.

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that allows users to access multiple applications with a single set of login credentials (such as a name and password).

We recommend this feature for companies looking to increase their level of security and, at the same time, simplify the management of corporate users.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Available for Enterprise plans only.

Multi-Factor authentication, or two-factor authentication, is an additional layer of security when logging into an account, which requires a user to provide two forms of authentication (such as logging in and providing a code from their phone.

When logging into Pipefy, the first form of authentication is requiring a username/email and password; t second form of authentication is providing a code accessed from a mobile app (which is updated every minute to ensure security).

After enabling two-factor authentication, follow this step-by-step guide the next time you log in:

1 - Enter your username or email and enter your password

2 - Open your mobile authentication app

3 - Check the code

4 - Go back to the Pipefy login screen

5 - Enter the code and click on the confirmation button

Custom email domain

Whatever your subscription plan, you’re able to send emails to your employees, suppliers, and customers directly through Pipefy. Just (1) access the emails area or (2) click the emails button on one of the cards in a pipe.

However, you can only customize your email domain if you have an enterprise plan.

White Label

Available for Enterprise plans only.

The new White Label feature gives you the tools to manage your company’s branding in the Pipefy platform and portals.

This innovation is the first step toward a totally customizable Pipefy platform.

Learn how to make the most out of our platform with Pipefy Academy free courses.

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