When creating a pipe or database connection, there are some rules that will determine how this connection will work within Advanced Options.

One of these rules is Autofill, which allows you to connect fields from the source pipe to the initial form fields of the destination pipe/database.

To enable Autofill, you need to access phase settings. Click the three-dot button and select Edit Phase.

Go to Connection fields.

Choose the connection you want to start (pipe or database connection). A new window will open. Then, click on Show advanced rules.

Click on the switch button right next to the option Autofill enables you to fill out fields automatically.

Now, you just have to choose the fields you want to fill automatically. Click on the plus sign button and see the connections between the fields from the start form and the pipe/database. Select the desired options and click on save.


  • The autofill feature is currently active using connections (both to pipe and database) and using the connection field (between pipes or a pipe and a database).

  • Autofill does not work when the connection field is placed in the start form. It can only capture the information from the start form fields after the card is created.

  • These advanced settings only influence cards or records created manually via a connection/connection field. If there's an automation set up to create connected cards automatically, autofill won't influence the rule's settings.

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