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Boost your process! Use Pipefy connections to easily share and access information across teams.

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Use a single database to save information used in multiple processes for increased data security.

  • Connect an entire process to a database, or

  • Connect a process phase to a database.

If you manage multiple processes, connecting pipes and databases can make it easier to access and work with recently updated data.

This is essential for teams that need to access information from a single source of truth.

For example:

The HR team can connect a Recruitment pipe to a candidate’s database entry containing contact information (e.g., email address, phone number, and social media links).

It expedites the interview scheduling process and sends update and reminder emails as the process flows — all without the need to search multiple apps or systems for this information elsewhere.

The same convenience applies to supplier records, products, employees, cost centers, and much more. In Pipefy, you can connect:

  • A process with another process or a database;

  • Or to a specific phase.

Connect the entire process

Click Add connection.

Then, select Add connection.

Next, choose:

1. The connection's name.

2. The pipe or database that you want to connect.

3. The connection function:

  • Search among existing cards/records in the connected pipe/database and link them to the parent card.

  • Create new cards/records in the connected pipe/database.

  • Search and create cards/records in the connected pipe/database.

4. The number of connected items (you should choose to connect a single card/record within the parent card or multiple cards/records).

5. Advanced options: Click the switch button to activate or deactivate advanced options.

6. When you have completed these steps, click Save.

Connect a specific phase

Use a connection field to connect pipes and databases to a specific phase in your process. It works like any other field: you will add it to a form.

As you choose this field type,

  • Give it a label.

  • Select the pipe or the database to connect.

  • Inform the field function (search and/or create cards/records).

  • Determine the number of entries.

When you are done, click Save.

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