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How to find all cards assigned to you
How to find all cards assigned to you

Easily follow up your activities with a list organized by deadlines.

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Pipefy is a complete tool where different company areas share information within cards used to ask, collect, and manage requests.

During this process, it's easy to prioritize your activities. Access My work area to view cards assigned to you. Its button is located at the right upper corner of the homepage.

Here you can see all your cards at once, or by sections:

  • Near due date: cards where the deadline is getting closer

  • Overdue: cards that have passed the deadline

  • Late: cards that have exceeded the maximum SLA of a pipe's phase

  • Expired: cards that have exceeded the maximum pipe's SLA

  • Done: cards that have reached the last phase of a pipe

In the columns, we have:

  • Card's title

  • Due date

  • Correspondent pipe

  • Current phase

  • When it was created

When clicking on one of the lines, you will open the corresponding card where you can see all data in it.

If you want to view your card's activities (like comments, moving phases, and alters), click on Notifications (the bell icon button).

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