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Guarantee quick access to connections, emails, attachments, comments in cards, and more!

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Once you open a card, you find fixed fields that allow you to:

  • Add assignees, due dates, or labels

  • Insert attachments

  • Make comments about the card

  • Create a checklist

You also find card features to:

  • Generate PDFs

  • Send emails

  • Create a new card in another pipe

  • Create a new record in a connected database

How to add or remove them

Open any card and click on the plus sign button, next to the base actions.

You'll get a list of the available options. Click on the switch button to enable or disable them.

You can enable and disable them at any point of your process - except when the card is in a phase with a field with the same function. For example: add an assignee.

You can also make new pipe and database connections by accessing the shortcut.

📌 Pro tip: To block comments in your cards, or prevent team members from downloading its data, disable these options in the viewing preferences.

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