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What are fixed base actions?

All pipes come with a set of default base actions displayed in the top of the form or in the upper right corner of the open card.

These top buttons are, in short, accessible items throughout all phases. This means they aren’t related to a certain part of the process (phase or field).

We can split them in two main categories, fixed fields and card-level features.

  • Fixed fields are syncable with phase’s fields and accessible through reports. For that, we have Due date, Assignees, Attachments and Labels fields.

  • Card-level features are, as the name says, card-level accessible features such as Checklist, Comments, Pipe and Database Connections, Email Messaging, Email Templates and PDF Generator. Because they are actually features and not fields, they are not synchronizable nor accessible through reports.

To achieve higher levels of control over your processes, you can choose to display or hide each one of these base actions in your pipe's form and cards. 

Hiding fixed base actions is especially useful in cases when, for instance, your process' rules demand that users are only able to add or modify assignees (or labels, or attachments) at a specific phase of your process.

Enabling/disabling the base actions

Once done, you'll see a list of the available top buttons you can enable/disable

You can then choose which of the options you want to turn on/off. Your can also easily establish new pipe and database connections by accessing the connections creation shortcut. It will redirect you to the connections creation area.

When it comes to start forms, only fixed fields can be enabled or disabled. Also, if in your form you already have any due date, assignees, labels or attachment field and if any of those is set to synchronize with fixed fields, their management won't be available.

Email messaging and email template buttons are set in their own management areas.


  • When editing base actions in a phase that already has a due date, assignee select or label select field (with the option to sync with the card's fixed fields set), you'll see a warning message letting you know that, due to the phase field being synchronised to this, the related top button won't be displayed in that specific phase.

  • If you disable the attachments option you'll only be able to add/remove attachments by adding an attachment field to a specific phase of your pipe.

  • If you disable the checklist and comments base actions you'll no longer be able to add checklists or comments to your cards.

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