What are company reports

Extract data from different pipes to keep track of your business performance.

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Company reports gather data from different pipes so you can analyze your overall business performance.

For example, you can collect information like:

  • How many cards the entire company created in the past month.

  • How many cards were completed in a specific department last year.

In general, you can use company reports to:

  • Get key information from multiple pipes at the same time.

  • Export them in XLSX format to share with people.

  • Keep track of all the activities a team is working on.

  • Generate KPIs for the entire company.

Where can I find this feature?

Click on your profile picture, and select Company reports.

📌 By default, only company admins can access this feature. To allow other roles to work on company reports, go to the Admin dashboard.

First steps

Start building your report by adding filters. You can restrict your data analysis to specific pipes, and use general data from cards to get the information you need.

Some examples of filters:

  • Phase

  • Assignee

  • Created/updated/finished at

  • Creator of the cards

  • Last comment

  • Filter by pipes or by a card’s general attributes

📌 Find detailed instructions about how to create a company report.

Save and export your report

When you get the data you need, save the report so other company admins have access to it.

You can also export it in XLSX format.

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